I’m not going to pretend I fully understand the intricacies of fashion week or that I can accurately name who heads up which fashion house, but I do like to pour (correction, drool) over the online slideshows Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar publish after the lights have dimmed on the runway. They make for the perfect 10 minutes of escapism when you find your mind beginning its mid-afternoon workday walkabout, don’t you agree?

Anyway, a show-stopping accessory in the Saint Laurent S/S 2013 RTW show caught my eye recently – a range of felt wide-brimmed fedoras. Covet! There’s something so elegant about a beautifully made hat and they have this almost effortless ability to take an everyday outfit to a whole different level.

Click here to check out Hedi Slimane’s latest collection for YSL. Be prepared to fall passionately in love with the fedora all over again, just like I have.

FYI – Hedi Slimane is YSL’s new creative director. He’s ex-Dior Homme, is widely credited for growing Dior’s couture business by half again in the early 2000’s and even created Brad Pitt’s wedding suit when he and Jennifer Aniston got hitched – hey, you never know when that little nugget of information will come in handy, like, at next Tuesday’s trivia night! (Thanks to the November issue of Bazaar for that little history lesson.)

Back to hats. I love them, but seem to find myself appreciating them from a distance rather than putting one on my own noggin. I have a couple of friends who wear hats beautifully, but on the whole, Sydney-siders don’t seem to do hats as effortlessly as our brothers and sisters in Melbourne (and let’s not even go into how well Europeans wear hats!). Maybe it’s the climate or it might just come down to our subtle differences in style, but come the cooler months, you’re far more likely to see people in Melbourne rocking hats on their way to work and when they’re out and about on the weekend. And damn, they make it look good!

So although we’re just about to head into summer here in Australia, I’ll be making an effort when autumn and winter rolls around in 2013 to invest in some covetable hats. The best part is with the Northern Hemisphere heading into winter, we’re getting a sneak peek at what styles will be coming our way next year. Forward planning is my thing – you’ll get used to it.

Look right for a few of my affordable favourites:

Purple Felt Hat by Fun

Purple Felt Hat by Fun – a steal at $39.

ASOS Catarzi hat

Catarzi Exclusive To ASOS Colourblock Hat – $68

Phase Eight Felt Trilby Hat

Phase Eight Felt Trilby Hat – $85

Felt cap by ASOS

Felt cap by ASOS – $36